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"Our friends visit the world for free..." 1bed4u is an international network created by two students who wanted to find the easiest and the least expensive way to travel and explore the world. 

How can the world be explored without going on boring package holidays?

The answer is 1bed4u ... a project created to connect people in different parts of the world! The project makes it easy for young people to make contact with other people throughout the world to share a real life experience! The service is totaly free all you have to do is sign up on our web site!

You will have te opportunity to contact other users who can provide accomodation.

You will be able to choose from all the other network users which town you are most interested in and want to go to and then you can plan all the routes which seemed unattainable to you before!

Honesty and trust are the keys to the succcess of our service.The more information you provide about yourself, your bed, your flat, and the surrounding areas, will help others get to know you better and will encourage more positive reviews and feedback.Positive reviews will result in a higher ranking of your accomodation.

At the end of the stay you should write your personal opinion about the stay in order to have a lot of positive feedback, that will increase your visibility and the possibility to be selected.

 1bed4u...a new way to travel!