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ABOUT BeDonors

WHO is the BeDonor?

Are you passionate about travelling and getting to know people from different backgrounds but never have money to do it???? Do you love adventurous experiences? Do you think that meeting new people and going native is an exciting and rewarding experience? Would you like to expand your horizons, plunge into different cultures and get a real taste of the life in a foreign country? Well you may have just “landed” in the right place! Whatever your reasons.......you can now travel in the cheapest and most exciting way possible!

WHAT does a BeDonor do?

As a BeDonor you can have people stay at your place as well as being a guest at other Bed Donor’s houses abroad. During the time of your hospitality exchange it’s entirely up to you and your guests to decide how to manage this experience; if for example your guests are visiting the city for the first time they might need some tips on what’s good to see and do, but this doesn’t mean you have to escort them everywhere, unless of course it’s what you both want. The same applies when you are a guest: a little politeness and common sense always goes a long way!

WHERE can the BeDonor host his guests?

Any accommodation that a BeDonor can provide will support the international network of the 1Bed4U community and encourage travel and communication between cultures. Whether you own your home or are renting, you can be a BeDonor as long as you have an arrangement for your guests. It could be a spare room, a sofa bed, a couch, even an inflatable mattress, as long as it's clearly specified. It would also be useful to give details about the environment such as pets, flatmates etc. so that your guests know what to expect.

WHEN and for how long does the hospitality take place?

There is no minimum or maximum limit on the duration or time of your hospitality; it’s up to you and your guests to communicate and decide according to each others commitments.

WHY is it good to be a BeDonor?

Because it’s a fun and exciting way to meet people, learn a new language and mix with different cultures...but above all because the BeDonor loves travelling. The more he/ she hosts, the more likely he will be hosted  by other BeDonors!

HOW do I start to be BeDonor?

Just insert the details about you and your accommodation and voila’ you are now officially a BeDonor. It’s really as simple as it sounds and it’s completely free! Now you can browse other BeDonors’ profiles and start planning your next trip! After the hospitality exchange you will be asked to fill in a feedback form with your evaluation of the whole experience.