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Let’s talk about us

1bed4u, was born to promote hospitality exchange among students all over the world. Would you like to travel anywhere without looking for a cheap place where you can sleep? Thanks to us you can easily do it: one friend will host you and will help you to know the life of the city you are visiting.

This way of travelling is without a doubt the way to improve cultural exchange among countries and people. Living with locals will make you spend an unforgettable holiday.

You will also save a lot of money: you already knew that when you travel the cost of the accommodation is one of the most expensive things during a holiday. 1bed4u allows people, even students with a low budget, to spend an unforgettable vacation.

What’s the host exchange?

Exchange means that 2 people – coming from the same country or from two far places in the world - reach an “agreement “ in order to offer/receive hospitality during a certain period .

Everyone can have a free accommodation everywhere all over the world. That’s a different way of organizing your holidays!

Where can I host?

The exchange can be done in the place where you live or can provide accomodation for others. Every kind of accommodation will be perfect: a bed, sofa bed, couch, mattress... all these solutions can be an idea for your guests. Just  tell us what kind of accommodation you're offering to let members decide which one is better. It's not a matter of luxury!.

No matter where you live; a common house in the city or one in the countryside will be suitable for people who want to visit  a foreign country! It doesn’t matter where your house is placed or how  big it is: it's just up to you and your guest. Join the 1bed4u community and you'll reach new and amazing destinations!

Can I offer my rented house?

As no payment will be necessary, even people who are renting can join us. It will be like hosting one of your friends!

What if my place is far from downtown?

Even if the place where you live isn’t considered one of the most interesting, our BeDonors are travellers so they maybe prefer a place far from famous and big cities.

According to us the whole world is worth a visit.

Which are the advantages?

COST: travelling becomes cheaper with a free accommodation.

INTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE :  you'll meet new people and get used to new cultures.

PERFECT FOR ANY SOLUTION: if you're planning a weekend trip, 1bed4u could be the right solution for you.

YOU’LL NEVER GET BORED: you'll be staying in the place you choose as a local and not as a tourist. This is your chance to feel like a native.

Can we actually save money?

Sure!!! 1Bed4u gives the opportunity to travel all over the world anytime you want without any cost for you and your host.

How reliability is guarantee?

The most important thing to consider when you decide to join our program, is that all other users asked themselves the same questions as yours. Behave just like how you want other people to do at your place.

The key to keeping our program strong is to trust be trusted treating new friends as equals. Before leaving, keep writing to your new friend in order to get to know eachother. That'll help both of you feel more confident.

Moreover, we have two essential instruments at your disposal. First of all you can display  feedbacks to check the BeDonor's previous exchanges.

When the exchange ends, you will receive a feedback form where you can leave your comments on the BeDonor. Feedback is fundamental to help other users in their search for a good BeDonor.

The other useful instrument is the verification. Once you have registered, you can be "verified". What does that mean? You'll be sent a code by mail. Enter your page and digit the code. From that moment on every member will be sure your address really exists.