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Here we have a few suggestions to be a perfect BeDonor. Follow these guidelines and your travel will be unforgettable.  

A Good communication

-Choose a friend and contact him to see if his preferences match with yours. Ask him about his life, hobbies and look for your ideal BeDonor. Make clear what your guest can and what he can’t do at your place.

Pre-exchange agreement

-Reach an agreement (download the form from our web-site) before the exchange and specify its most important points such as dates, number of guests and services, the possibility to use the parking, define how to share the cost of expenses if neccessary.

-Once you have filled in, please send us a copy.

This way we know your necessities before you leave. Every time we receive an agreement of exchange, you will get a POSITIVE FEEDBACK from us to increase your chances to be selected among all users. -We suggest you to send your partner a copy of your identity card as a sign of reliability.

 Confirm dates

Once you have confirmed your stay, book your travel arrangements and send a copy of the ticket to your partner to show your will to do the exchange.

   ...what happens at the arrival?

Guest: Before leaving agree with your partner the details of your arrival (where and when to meet, directions, contact information etc).

Donor: If you are not busy that day, show your guest how everything works, and the essential things to let him orientate. If  you'r not available the day your guest arrives, communicate with your guest and involve somebody who can help (a neighbour for example) to meet your guest and keep your keys. Tell somebody where to find a copy of the keys in case of emergency.

For your relatives, flatmates or neighbours

Let people know that you will be having someone stay at your place. Introduce your guests to friends to help them meet more locals! 

Suggestions for a good cohabitation

-VALORE OBJECTS: Make a list of the objects you're leaving at home and ask your guest to check it out and sign it.

-ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Make sure your guest knows how electrical appliances work.

-Save space for your guests stuff.

-EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Make a list of the emergency numbers (firemen, police, sanity health care and so on…). These information change depending on the country, your guest may not  know them.

-GARBAGE: Tell your guest when to bring out the garbage for collection.

...and before leaving?

Before leaving, make sure everything's in order. If you lost or damaged something be honest and kind and tell the owner. Being a good guest means: behave like you want other people to do at your place.

Whatever you use at the BeDonor’s house, like soap and some food, should be bought again.

... and once back home?

Once you have sent the agreement, you automatically receive the form to fill out with your opinion about the accommodation and about your partner and a feedback will appear on your page.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on your bulletin board sharing your experience of exchange with other  bedoners. Your testimony is important for us and for all the friends of 1bed4u!!!